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Shock: WABC-TV reporter Lisa Collagrassi passed away

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Im in shock. She was a very good reporter. She was often seen on eyewitness news this morning and noon



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This happened to a guy I knew, some years ago. He was at a hockey game.


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This is why everyone should not take life for granted. One minute you're here and the next gone. Get up, she went to work like any other day, didn't feel well, collapsed and it's over. Life is so precious.
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That happened to a guy who worked for me a long time ago and it was while he was travelling. He was 28 years old and a wonderful guy and he was very healthy. It happened in his hotel room. He was having a lot of headaches in the month or two before it happened but he attributed them to his sinus being congested. He would take pseudophed and they'd ease off. But it was obviously the developing blood clot that caused the anneurism. Don't know if he'd have prevented it or not if he had seen a doctor back then. Nowadays doctors put you on a baby aspirin a day to prevent clots if you complain about something like that or are taking meds that can induce clots. You need to be careful if you have especially high blood platelet counts.
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Horrible. Aneurysms (whether they are in the brain or in the aorta) are very deadly. My friend from class recently lost someone she knows to an aneurysm and that person was only 21 years old. Horrible. RIP Lisa.
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sad story. no warning signs with them either. fine one minute gone the next.
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