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Joe Bastardi on global warming

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I strongly dislike Joe Bastardi (for many reasons, some stated here before, some not).
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Climate change - the biggest farce going. The fact that we are told it's settled science should be enough to keep questioning. Why cant i question? What do you not want me to find out? Science is supposed to keep asking questions, that statement itself is anti-science. It's settled science sheeple, move along and pay make sure you pay your carbon tax. Flame suit on!
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View PostNittanyLion, on 04 August 2015 - 09:05 PM, said:

I strongly dislike Joe Bastardi (for many reasons, some stated here before, some not).

Ironically, I have great respect and like both NittanyLion and Bastardi. I understand where Nittany is coming from. I view JB as another dimension to this hobby and he can be very insightful but I get why some deplore him. I save my disdain for Henry M. lol
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Sounds like Bastardi is one of those who's politics always trumps reality. Stefano sounds much the same judging by his past facebook posts.
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