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what a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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View Postthundersleet, on 22 March 2017 - 10:16 AM, said:

I came from a college where freshmen were called "first-years." Honestly, it's so dumb. I really couldn't care less. I have two perspectives, other than the fact that this is so incredibly dumb. First, as others have said, it's stuff like this that got DJT elected. Second, if you're a progressive who REALLY cares about women's issues, isn't the freshmen vs. first-year discussion a useless and pointless distraction from real issues women face on college campuses such as rape?

I agree with everything you said, but this is where the progressive movement is headed. Everything someone says can be construed as offensive. Everything. I work for a liquor company, at our annual meeting last month our CEO used the word "barman" (bartender) in descibing something. The next morning, he apologized and used "bar person". Its just silly, but its prevalent and is only getting worse.

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