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The Hysteria (Versus Truth) of Global Warming

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Great objective video making points supporting both sides. But isnt this like everything else in today's world....1) if you are on the "wrong side" of the argument, you are just shouted down as a "denier", much like the argument in any political debate. And 2) follow the money. Like almost everything in politics, follow the money trail and you will find the truth. Al Gore has made millions of dollars selling "carbon offsets" which has done nothing to help carbon use.

And as usual, the middle class and the poor are burdened with the additional costs of all new climate change programs, the same poor and middle class that politicians so eloquently talk about when they need their vote.


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great video


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Ok, so for those of you how dont understand how people are skeptical on climate change, here is a prime example of why. For years, there was hysteria that the hole in the ozone layer was caused by greenhouse gasses and man. In fact, there was a large study released this week that said "with certainty" humans are causing climate change and it will only get worse. However, this article says that th ozone hole actually shrunk this year....due to the record high temps seen this year.

I'm not a scientist, but how can the cause and the solution be due to the exact same thing.


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