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vascudave's Photo vascudave 10 Jan 2017

with all the police slayings, what do we make of this?


carribeanpirate's Photo carribeanpirate 10 Jan 2017

So from the article, the Congressional Black Caucus thinks it celebrates the freedom of speech. I wonder what their feelings would be if a student painting depicted the hanging of a black man. We can hang it right? After all, Its free speech.

DISCLOSURE: I am being extreme in order to provide an example. I do not condone this or wish a painting like that was made, let alone hung in the halls of Congress. Same goes for the painting representing cops as pigs.

The CBC should be ashamed of themselves, but, they have shown their true colors. Cops are pigs, in their opinion.

metfan4life's Photo metfan4life 18 Jan 2017


vascudave's Photo vascudave 19 Jan 2017

people have the right to paint it, no problem with that (ones perception)

but hanging it in a public building??