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NWS will soon introduce a new forecasting...

isobar65's Photo isobar65 09 Feb 2020

The National Weather Service will soon introduce a new forecasting model, but meteorologists are saying it's worse than its predecessor.


wishcast_hater's Photo wishcast_hater 10 Feb 2020

Government ineptitude....sounds about right.

satellite_eyes's Photo satellite_eyes 11 Feb 2020

Actually I think the NWS is one of the better things our tax payer dollars go towards. However, not sure about those models lol.

carribeanpirate's Photo carribeanpirate 12 Feb 2020

So, no one trusted the GFS which spurred creation of GFS3, which is worse than the original. Sounds like a government project alright

Remember this when you are told the government wants to take over you healthcare......

In the words of Ronald Reagan "The worst words you can hear are, 'I'm from the government and I am here to help' "