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metfan4life's Photo metfan4life 29 Jan 2021

18 here in Brooklyn

Feels alot colder with the strong winds

carribeanpirate's Photo carribeanpirate 29 Jan 2021

Its amazing how perspective changes, it was 32 this morning at my house with a breeze it felt like it was below zero (in reality it was high 20's). But this was from a high of 82 on Tues, it really feels cold. Hope the storm pans out for you guys this weekend.

wishcast_hater's Photo wishcast_hater 29 Jan 2021

Left this morning for work with light snow. Came back to a dusting on top of my 3 from earlier this week.

canisteerrd's Photo canisteerrd 29 Jan 2021

Down to 13° here already. High of 19 today, low of +6