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rgwp96's Photo rgwp96 12 Feb 2021

View Postwinterbird04, on 12 February 2021 - 10:13 AM, said:

Snow plow people are making a fortune. I know that for sure,And maybe construction as well. Least we not forget insurance companies too lol.

Making up for last year but I know it also costs a ton in insurance to do plowing . Know a few people who stopped doing as it wasn’t worth it

canisteerrd's Photo canisteerrd 13 Feb 2021

A light sleety snow has begun to fall here. 20°

metfan4life's Photo metfan4life 13 Feb 2021

Its an ice skating rink here in Brooklyn

jfar57's Photo jfar57 13 Feb 2021

Drifted east of us in NW NJ

snowshoe's Photo snowshoe 14 Feb 2021

We didn't get anything up this way.

Mike_The_Golfer's Photo Mike_The_Golfer 19 Feb 2021

Fingers crossed this verifies for March:

Posted Image

And for MAM:

Posted Image